Call-In Effort for Yárán-i-Iran, the “Friends of Iran”, May 14th

Call-In Effort for Yárán-i-Iran, the “Friends of Iran”, May 14th

The arrival of Wednesday, May 14 marks the completion of yet another long year, for an unconscionable total now of six, in which the seven former Bahá’í leaders known as the Yárán-i-Iran—the “Friends of Iran”—have languished in jail, forced to endure squalid conditions, victims of a travesty of justice and condemned to the longest period of incarceration of any prisoners of conscience in their country.  National has asked that all Friends call their congressional representative on this day that is not cosponsoring House Resolution 109, which details and condemns the “state-sponsored persecution” of Iran’s Bahá’ís. They also call for the release of all prisoners held solely on account of their religious beliefs and express the desire of the Congress that the President and Secretary of State demand their release as well as hold accountable—pursuant to existing legislation—the officials responsible for these glaring violations of human rights.

You may find out who your congressional representative is here. Information on current cosponsors of H.Res.109 can be obtained by accessing the list here. If your representative is on this list, you obviously need not telephone him or her to request support.

When calling the office of a representative who is not yet a cosponsor of H.Res.109, explain that May 14 is the sixth anniversary of the incarceration of seven Bahá’í leaders in Iran who have been jailed for no other reason than their membership in this persecuted Faith. Express your hope that the representative will cosponsor the pending resolution, H.Res.109, in defense of Bahá’ís and other prisoners of conscience. Ask sympathetic friends and relatives who are not Bahá’ís to join this effort.

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