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Sep 19 2020


5:00 pm - 6:00 pm

Campaign Nonviolence Memphis – Baha’i Fireside

The Baha’i Faith in Memphis and the Midsouth will be participating with Campaign Nonviolence Memphis to host a Baha’i Fireside on Saturday, September 19th @ 5:00pm where we offer that world peace is tied to our duty to create an ever advancing civilization.  We will further explore how conflicting narratives ultimately hinder us from that world peace and suggest an all embracing narrative founded on the oneness of mankind to help us achieve our aim.  Campaign Nonviolence Memphis (CNV) is a movement to connect the dots between groups working to end racism, poverty and war, what Martin Luther King called the three evils of society.  For more information about the fireside Dennis Didier at didierm5@aol.com.  For more information about CNV and the other events that will be hosted, please visit www.cnvmemphis.org.

  • Zoom Linkhttps://zoom.us/j/3487022209
  • Password: 562826
  • Meeting ID: 348 702 2209
  • If you are joining us by phone call 929-205-6099. Then enter the following meeting ID: 348–702–2209